Water Supply Treatment and Distribution

Superintendent of Public Works

Chuck Molinaro

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Licensed Water Distribution and Treatment Operator

Stephen P. Lyons (Lyons Environmental Services, LLC)

Backup Licensed Water Distribution Treatment Operator

Jeff Sonntag

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Location: Public Works WWTP, 10 Commerce Court, Verona, NJ 07044

Phone: 973-857-4843

2024 Verona Water & Sewer Rate Study Report
This report summarizes the results regarding the forecasted costs of providing water and sewer service to the Township’s customers. Recommendations will result in the sustainable operation of the Township’s water and sewer utilities and the financial health of the Township’s Water and Sewer Fund.

2024 Verona Wastewater Treatment Plant Assessment
An assessment was performed by Boswell Engineering to determine the condition of the existing assets of the water treatment plant.

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