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Chuck Molinaro - Superintendent of Public Works

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George Zehnder - Assistant Supervisor of Public Works, Municipal Stormwater Program Coordinator

Location: Public Works, 10 Commerce Court, Verona, NJ 07044

Phone: 973-857-4804

Township of Verona Stormwater Information

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Each year the engineering department responds to numerous calls from residents in regards to stormwater and drainage problems they are experiencing at their properties as a result of water that they feel is emanating from the surrounding properties. Many times the solution to the problem is as easy as having an adjoining neighbor redirect their roof leaders or sump pump discharge. In some instances the solution is not that easy. Over the last few years the Township has seem to have had an abundant amount of rain. This leads to isolated oversaturation of lawn areas and localized ponding and flooding. In some instances we have noticed an increase in the number of underground springs and a rise of the water table. The Township’s Engineering and Public Works Departments will always do their best to keep all stormwater running free and clear on the public roadways and keep the inlets and manholes free of debris. Residents can assist us by not blowing grass clippings and leaves onto the roadway, promptly picking up pet waste and removing any litter that they see. All of these items can eventually find their way into nearby drainage structures and overtime clog and reduce the capacity of the stormwater system which can create flooding conditions on the streets. The following links have some helpful information for localized flooding on private property. 

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