Neighborhood Traffic & Safety Committee

The Neighborhood Traffic and Safety Committee is hereby charged with the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Work together with residents, elected and appointed officials to study, propose solutions and plan for the implementation of approved traffic calming and pedestrian safety measure.

  2. May review and make recommendation to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Planning Board on site plans and subdivisions that are submitted to the Boards.

  3. May propose, review and make recommendations on ordinances related to public safety.

  4. To provide the Council and the Manager periodic reports and recommendations and advise on traffic safety questions/problems and the adequacy of all Township policies and procedures relating to safety.

Meeting Minutes:


  • Santi Condorelli - Chairperson: Public Member
  • Sue DeWitt - Secretary: Township Manager Designee
  • Louis Koenig: Public Member
  • Robert Rowbotham: Public Member
  • Mary Cooksey-Wilks: Public Member
  • John Gasiewski: Public Member
  • Nicole Quick: Public Member
  • Gerard Shimonaski: Public Member
  • Matthew Cavallo: Township Manager/Designee
  • Christopher Kiernan: Chief of Police/Designee
  • Rui Dionisio: Superintendent/Designee
  • Jack McEvoy: Council Member