Verona Landmarks

62 Depot Street

Built near the turn of the 19th Century, this small wooden structure served as a freight shed adjoining the Verona railroad station on the Caldwell Branch of the Erie Railroad. It is the sole surviving physical object of a once-busy rail line that originated from the Erie Greenwood Lake line in northern Passaic County before snaking through Little Falls, Verona (which included Cedar Grove until 1908), Caldwell, and Essex Fells.

Methodist Church

Built in 1909, the Methodist Church located at 26 Montrose Avenue is an unusual, eclectic building of yellow brick, dominated by a hexagonal lantern on top, reminiscent of the 19th-century wooden tabernacle buildings erected by the Methodist community in New Jersey vacation areas including Mount Tabor, Ocean City, and Ocean Grove.

According to the town assessor’s office’s earliest records, Florence Whitaker became owner in 1917, followed by John Subrug Jr. (1939) and Mary Scafer (one day in February 1939). In 1945, E. Woodward Allen became owner for 33 years until 1978, followed by Denis Whit (1987). The property is currently owned by Mrs. Barbara Keisewetter.