Tax Assessments

Verona Town Hall

Tax Assessments

Questions concerning your property assessments, tax appeals, and veteran and senior citizen deduction applications should be addressed to the Verona Tax Assessor, located in the Verona Community Center at 880 Bloomfield Avenue, at (973) 857-4837.

Tax Bills

Verona property tax bills are due and payable quarterly on the first day of February, May, August and November. Tax bills are mailed out once or twice a year, normally in June, and if a second billing is required, again in September. If you have a mortgage, your tax bill is mailed directly to your bank and an advice copy is mailed to you – the homeowner.

Any questions regarding tax bills or payments should be directed to the Verona Tax Collector, located in Town Hall at 600 Bloomfield Avenue, at (973) 857-4777.


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