Verona Volunteer Fire Department

Engines from Verona Fire Department

The Township of Verona Fire Department is comprised of all volunteers, which saves Verona Taxpayers millions of dollars a year while still maintaining the professionalism, quality service, and level of training found in any other municipality’s fire department. All Verona firefighters must obtain their Firefighter 1 certification, which is the basic training required to be a firefighter in the State of New Jersey. Overall, we have one of the largest departments in the West Essex area, comprised of nearly 60 members who are overseen by six elected officers. We have two stations, each with 28-30 regular members. The stations are on each side of the Peckman River because, in case the river overflows and splits the town in half, there is adequate fire protection for all residents. To learn more visit the Township of Verona Fire Department web site.


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