Parking Information

Verona has recently implemented the ParkMobile Parking App throughout town to make parking easy! Find out how to start using the app today:

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Parking options in Verona

Municipal Parking Lots – The Township of Verona maintains two municipally owned parking lots.  These lots are referred to as Municipal Lot 1 and Municipal Lot 2 .  When parking in the lots, it is important that you utilize a metered spot and not a permit spot unless you have the appropriate permit.  Violators face a summons and the possibility of having their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

Municipal Lot 1 can be accessed via Park Place (opposite Lakeside Ave), off of Bloomfield Ave.  The lot runs alongside the east side of HB Whitehorne Middle School. Lot 1 contains 42 metered parking spaces and 25 permit parking spaces.

Municipal Lot 2 can be accessed from Grove Ave, approximately 50 feet north of Bloomfield Ave.  The lot runs behind a group of stores on the north side of Bloomfield Ave.  Lot 2 contains 22 metered parking spaces and 10 permit parking spaces.

Metered Parking Spaces – Parking spaces that are controlled by coin operated parking meters can are located in the Municipal Parking Lots, along Bloomfield Ave, and Lakeside Ave, and on the east side of Bank parking lot located at 599 Bloomfield Ave.  Please review the time limitations, as well as the cost of the meter upon exiting your vehicle.  Overnight parking regulations are in effect at all parking meters, except in Municipal Lot 1 during a snowfall.

Municipal Lot Permits – Residents, Business Owners, and Business Employees who meet the requirements can purchase a permit to park in a space in the municipal lots.  Spaces are assigned to a specific vehicle, and are not transferable. DOWNLOAD an application here and return to Police Records or a pplications for parking permits are also available at the Police Department Records Bureau. Please contact the Records Bureau at (973) 857-4817 for complete information.

Overnight Parking – Township of Verona ordinance 140.7 prohibits parking on any street within the Township between the hours of 2:30am – 6:00am.  Permission to park on the street during these times is given on a case by case basis, and is generally limited to 2 or 3 times per year.  In order to receive permission to park overnight on the roadway, you MUST call the police communications desk at (973) 239-5000.  When you call, please know the exact location where you car is located, as well as a complete description of the vehicle that will be left on the street.  This INCLUDES the license plate.

The desk officer retains the right to grant or refuse parking permission.  Abuse of this privilege will result in future refusal to grant permission.  For those without sufficient off-street parking, please see the information listed under Overnight Parking Permits.

Under NO circumstances is parking permitted on the roadway when snow is expected.  This includes overnight permit holders.  Overnight parking permit holders who can not find any other place to park their car during a snowstorm can park in Municipal Lot 1 (metered spaces only), or in the Verona Community Pool upper parking lot.  Municipal Lot 2 and the CivicCenter (Town Hall) are not to be used for snowstorm parking.

Overnight Parking Permits – The Township has a permitting process for those residents who do not have sufficient off-street parking.  Sufficient is defined as having less than two off-street parking spaces (this includes garage space).  There are a number of other requirements that need to be met before an overnight parking permit can be issued. Please contact the Records Bureau at (973) 857-4817 for complete information.

Snow Emergency – Parking on the roadway during a snowfall is prohibited in all cases.  Vehicles left on the roadway during a snowstorm may be issued a summons and towed at the owner’s expense.  Residents without sufficient off-street parking can park their car in either Municipal Lot 1 or the Verona Pool upper parking lot during a snowfall.  If parked in the Municipal Lot, you do not have to place money in the meter.  You must remove your vehicle from the metered space once the roadways have been cleared.