Plans are Unveiled for a Shared Emergency Services Building

Verona Township held a meeting for residents at the Community Center (880 Bloomfield Ave) on June 26, 2024 to learn about the proposed emergency services building, a critical initiative aimed to bring Verona’s aging emergency services facilities (Police, Fire & Rescue) up to code and enhance the safety and well-being of the community. 

The need for this new building has been evident for decades, with the township’s masterplan identifying the need initially in 1978. Since then, this project has been repeatedly delayed until now. The current facilities, with an average age of over 90 years old, are facing significant mechanical, electrical and operational challenges. The police department, in particular, is in dire need of an upgrade with its 101- year old building unable to adequately accommodate female officers. 

After conducting a thorough analysis and reviewing over 20 potential site locations, the administration determined a shared facility is the most cost-effective and long-term solution. Building separate facilities could cost approximately 47% more, require many areas of duplication and ultimately amount to more overall square footage needed. With land availability extremely scarce, a shared building is the most viable option.

To help offset the cost burden to residents, the administration is working to significantly reduce project costs by an expected $20M. The township will leverage a fundraising firm to secure corporate sponsorships and naming rights. Additionally, debt roll-offs, grants and state and government funding will lessen the financial impact to residents. Plans to install solar are expected to provide tax credits as well as provide operational savings. Based on the average assessed home value in Verona, NJ ($434,515) the tax increase is expected minimal at $5.32. 

This new building is expected to set a new standard in emergency services and be a long-term asset to the community. It will increase efficiency and performance, as well as create new revenue-generating opportunities for the township including shared services opportunities, training facility usage and a virtual firing range. The township continues to welcome public and community input, which can be submitted via the website below.

The administration is continuing to finalize and fine-tune details on this project with plans to bring this to the Township Council in the Fall/Winter 2024.

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