Energy Aggregation Program Update

You may have already received a letter from PSEG advising you that your electrical supplier will revert back to PSEG:    

Verona residents participating in the Sustainable Essex Alliance (SEA), had electricity supplied through Energy Harbor, an alternative provider of cheaper and greener electrical content until the 18 month contract with Energy Harbor expired on August 31, 2022.   The contract gave us less expensive electricity supply, and about twice the green content as that provided by PSEG.   This was the SEA’s second successful contract with an alternative electrical supplier.

Hoping for a third consecutive contract, the SEA tested the market in May of 2022 by requesting proposals from third party suppliers for a new energy supply contract. The prices received were all significantly higher than PSE&G’s utility rates and we concluded that near term, residents are better served by PSE&G.  In consultation with our consultant, we continually monitor the volatile energy market.  Once conditions improve we will issue another request for proposal.   Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, expect to receive solicitations by mail and/or phone for individual energy contracts from other alternative suppliers.  These are NOT affiliated with the Township or the SEA.   

The SEA is a seven municipal member government energy aggregation. Our municipal partners in this initiative are Maplewood, who serves as the lead agent, South Orange, Livingston, Glen Ridge, Montclair, and Glen Rock.  

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