Essex County COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Vaccination Plan: Essex County has received Moderna Vaccines, and has started vaccinating.  Right now only Health Care Workers are eligible for the vaccine, that is a very broad category please see specific definitions from the State Below.

How to Register for the Vaccine: Any Essex County Resident who wishes to receive the vaccine at one of the Essex County sites should register at and not the State site. *You cannot make a reservation for Essex County on the State site.*

Questions? The County has setup a 20 line Call Center to answer Essex Covid Vaccination or Testing questions, that number is 973-877-8456.  They are open Monday Thru Friday 8 AM till 8 PM and Saturday from 8 AM till 5 PM

Who is in Group 1A? “Any paid or unpaid persons working or volunteering in a healthcare setting who may have direct or indirect contact with infectious persons or materials”, for example: Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and any other licensed or registered professionals. Healthcare support Staff in areas like facilities management, security, food services, environmental services, administrative services, human resources, reception, language services, IT, laboratory and other health care support areas. Community health workers, promotoras, home health aides, visiting nurses, doulas, health educators, and public health professionals. Trainees, students, volunteers, essential caregivers, vaccinating site staff, contractors. Other personnel like EMS, paramedics, funeral staff, mortuary staff and autopsy workers."

If you are a healthcare worker or work in a health health care setting visit, or call 973-877-8456 to register for an appointment.


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