Join the Verona Solar Challenge!

Published on Sep 21, 2016 at 07:45a.m.


Dear Neighbor:

You have likely heard a lot of buzz about solar energy! If you’re like most people, you have many questions and solar may seem complex and confusing. The Verona Solar Challenge was developed to help answer your questions about solar and to make it simple and easy to get a great deal on a solar energy system of your own.

The Verona Solar Challenge is a town-sponsored program that has partnered with EnergySage, an online solar marketplace that was developed with funding and support from the US Department of Energy. This free service will help you learn about and shop for a solar energy system with absolutely no obligation to make a purchase in the end. To participate in this great town-sponsored program, simply visit our new website .

The great news is the more than 50,000 New Jersey homeowners have gone solar and are saving money and the environment already. An average homeowner in New Jersey saves enough money each year from reduced electricity bills and other incentives to pay back their initial investment in just 7 years. And, you can go solar with no money down through various loan and leasing programs!

Sign up today for some free solar quotes and help us spread the word about the Verona Solar Challenge today.

See you around town,

Steven J. Neale

Township of Verona | Department of Community Services

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