Garbage & Recycling Information

2021 Garbage & Recycling Collection Calendar

 Download the Northside Schedule Here:                   Download the Southside Schedule Here:

  • Don't know if you're Southside or Northside? Download the Street List Here
  • Place trash at the curb no earlier than 7pm on the night before your scheduled collection
  • Place trash no later than 6am on the day of your scheduled collection

Special Collection Dates:

Recycling Center:

  • The Recycling Center is located on Commerce Court and is open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8:00am-3:00pm. Please note, the Recycling Center is open to VERONA RESIDENTS ONLY

Leaf Bag Purchasing Info:

Bags come in bundles of 50 for $23.00 or they can be purchased at 50 cents a piece . We accept cash or checks but no credit cards. Bags can be purchased at the DPW Building, 10 Commerce Court. 

Additional Accepted Materials:

  • Clothing: There are two Goodwill bins available for clothes donations.
  • Motor Oil & Anti-Freeze: There are three large tanks for motor oil and anti-freeze drop-off just inside the fence of the DPW Yard adjacent to the Recycling Depot. 
  • Propane Tanks: A permit must be received from the DPW Office, 10 Commerce Court Prior to disposal

Additional Info & Updates:

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Recycling in NJ can be confusing. This video can help you become an expert:

Verona Joins Remyndr! Receive notifications on your phone! 

  • Remyndr is the most convenient way to communicate curbside collection schedules to Verona residents. Notifications tell you the pickup type, what to include and what to avoid. If things change (like a snow storm), everyone will be alerted, or just those on the affected route.
  • This results in a cleaner recycling stream, reduced waste stream and fewer items sitting on streets or blowing around our neighborhoods.
  • For residents, it is free, takes seconds to sign up and means no missed pickups.
    Simply download the free app, enter your address and you will instantly see the calendar of pickups at your home. Nothing more you need to do except sit back, relax and wait for your notifications.

Additional Waste Reduction Information: