Municipal Alliance Committee

The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) provides educational programming and prevention outreach to the citizens of Verona.

Christopher Lawrence (Chairperson)
Suzanne Broullon (Co-Chairperson)
Eileen Kleinberg
Mike Mughetto
Rosanne Bornstein (Grant Coordinator)
Colin Boyle
Dana Lustig
Sgt. Daniel Greco
Officer James Barry
Officer Robert Shafer
Michael Nochimson (Council Liaison)

Medicine Disposal Information:

Safe Homes

WHAT IS IT? SAFE HOMES is a program that empowers parents and guardians to create a community of like-minded people who have pledged to not allow underage alcohol and drug use in their homes and on their property.  There is also a second pledge to provide a secure storage place for firearms, matches, toxic chemicals, and to monitor computer use.